Adding Documentation

How to add information to the documentation

To add documentation to this page, you will need some setup. You will need

  1. Github account
  2. Github installed on your device
  3. Code editor (VSCode, notepadd++, or you can just edit using the default text editor)

Step 1: Clone the repository

Go to https://github.com/Ottawa-AV-Group/uocav-docs (opens in a new tab) for the repository

Step 2: Create a new branch

In your terminal, navigate to the folder that contains the repository, type

git checkout -b <branch-name>

This will create a new branch and switch to it. For the branch name, keep it relavent to what you are going to add or put your name.

Step 3: Add your changes

Navigate to the pages folder. Any folder/file that you add under here will have the following behaviour:

  • Any file of [some-name].mdx will be rendered as a page. It will show up on the sidebar that can be navgiated to.
  • Any folder created in here will be rendered as a section. It will show up on the sidebar as a sub-section.

Step 4: Commit your changes

Once you are done making your changes, you will need to commit them. To do this, type

git add .

to add all the changes you made. Then type

git commit -m "<commit-message>"

to commit your changes. The commit message should be a short description of what you changed.